Men can send “spells” to get the girl’s attention but they will have to be very resourceful to convince her to be chosen. That is why they must have an updated and striking profile and thus differentiate themselves from the competition or from the rest of the offers.

The application is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Although there are some paid features that are only for men.

PURE is the application that claims to be the fastest to get someone to bed. The perfect application for infidels. If you are looking for “something else to happen” without complications or detours and you don’t want to waste time, PURE is your dating app. This app is about making an appointment and waiting an hour for it to recommend you to people who have the same desire as you. Once there is a “mach”, you just have to meet somewhere. We have to say that the application is free and you can download it from Google Play.

Although the download is free to use it for free, you must be a woman. Men have to pay a price of 17 euros per month. Of course, they assure you a very high success rate. You do not need to link social networks, or email addresses. The good thing about this app is that it has encryption and chats are automatically deleted.

With PURE you can upload selfies and march with someone you like. Chat for an hour with someone who is your possible date (it ends up disappearing) and, if both connect, the date can begin.

Happn is another dating app that uses geolocation to help search and find a partner. The Happn app recommends user profiles that cross the road in a radius of up to 250 meters. A way to find out the name of that boy or girl that you always find in the subway but that you do not dare to take the step. And the best thing about happn is that it is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.

The operation is very simple: When you go down the street and you come across someone who, like you, has the happn application installed, the profile of that person appears in the app.

You can check the Timeline to find all the profiles that you have found on the street. In the profile, you will see how many times you have come across this person, as well as the place and time.

If you like the person, you can secretly like their profile. S

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