Since the date is not very clear in the different diaries that were found in the following years, estimates were made according to the events described.

I have decided to call you “dear diary”. I am very excited today. as if very strange things are going to happen.

I wrote yesterday that very strange things will happen. but I didn’t have a fuck. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of black and cherokee. Fuck you all the trouble. they don’t feel comfortable. we either fight or make love. You will understand that there is no attraction. let’s see somebody’s coming. See you later.

dear diary you will not believe. guess who came! Such a strange creature with a four-legged human body and a double head came. I thought he was our god. But my childhood friend, the flying eagle, thought he was our fishing rod. It was very funny if you saw it. he thought we were Indian too. I don’t know what it means. Of course, we later realized that he was a normal person. “Is that a horse or a mat for the other creature?” he said, we did not understand.

your pale is gone. would come again. He said he would take his friends and come. oh beee there will be a little color in our lives. I will meet new people.

pale benizli and her friends have come. they turned out stupid than I thought. we gave them the things they could find everywhere, such as gold and diamonds that we found on the left and right, and they gave us firewater. We are having so much fun.

pale people are really stupid. my grandfather gave them the manhattan and they gave my grandpa $ 24 * they don’t even understand how much the dollar will be worth in the future.

actually my grandfather said not to tell anyone. but I trust you. it will remain a secret between you and me.

off yaaaaa … my bering throat froze again. someone will come again. This does not happen every year, every year. they made the backyards of the beautiful continent. they come as soon as the throat freezes. better stay with those who come. They also bring their relatives from their hometown. Everywhere is full of Turkish!

I saw a huge sea monster in my dream. There were many people in it who spoke a strange language. they were approaching our shores. Fires were coming out of a strange metal in their hands. and somehow caoyamari, iromari, tatei matinieri, eaca tehuari and others could not help us at all. I did not know what we were doing to get this punishment, and I was just praying for guidance to the huatacame. and then I woke up suddenly …

You know, his childhood friend, the flying eagle thought to be a fishing rod, and my grandfather thought he was our god, my grandfather was not mistaken, he was really our god. brought death to all of us!

aha now we are fucked! Turks who passed through the frozen bering strait covered everywhere. Geronimo, who lost his mind with his love to be famous, to be famous, also had an interest in learning Turkish. How to become famous by learning Turkish, idiot! hey god! Did I say God instead of great manitu? I guess we really got fucked!

The people of pale sea made a strange weapon that could kill hundreds of people at the same time. They named it tomahawk. they named the weapon after our battle ax. but we prayed with our magician. so that the great spirit can get into the gun, nobody dies and they can eat sugar. I think we did it *

Indians are actually Turkish. A group of citizens called brown turkey at the same time he called the Indians. I will consult the great manitu to see if we are one more year old. ugh.

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